Monday, October 16, 2006

Jordan Marching Band

Swati Rayasam: The Inner Workings of a High School Marching Band

Ever since I was little I've always dreamed of being in marching band. Being at a competition and hearing them announce, "Now on the field. C.E. Jordan High School Marching Falcons. Director, David Robinson." Under all the lights, the stadium being packed, people cheering for you. It's always been a big dream of mine. Not your usual dream, I know. But, I'm not your usual person. Finally I get to be IN the band instead of watching it.

This piece goes into the "inner workings" of the Jordan Marching Falcons. You learn alot about what everyone does and what the "legendary" band camp is all about. Jordan is one of the few real marching bands left from the DCI days. They haven't become Show Style and given up on trying to win just with the marching and music, relying on their colorguards and props to get first place. The only props you'll see with this marching band are the flags, rifles, and sabers. That's why I'm disappointed that lately, the judges have started to just judge on props, and that's not cool.

Interviewed in this piece are two marchers, a colorguard, and our well-known band director. It rids (I hope) marching band of all, or at least most, sterotypes produced by television or movies. Enjoy!

This Piece is Dedicated to Mr. David Robinson who is leaving Jordan after 20 years. We Love You DR!

Vocab for Non-Geeks like myself

DCI- Relies on marching skills to win competitions
Show Style-Relies on props to win competitions
Guard- The girls (and sometimes boys) who do the dancing part of the marching show while the band plays
Rifles(guns) Sabers(swords)Flags(flags)-Three basic things the guard uses
Drum Majors- The students who conduct the band while they are marching

Music-"Escapade" Performed by Jordan High School Marching Falcons 2003

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